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BMW Klub Srbija

If you’re a BMW enthusiast like us, then this is your club.

We welcome all old and new members to one specific family that is growing bigger and bigger day by day. Thanks to all club members and forum members who have been with us for years. We hope that the number in our family will increase and that we will be able to socialize for a very long time.

It doesn’t matter which model you drive, it doesn’t matter if you don’t even own a BMW. Whether you drive your first BMW or your 30th in a row…

As BMW’s most active and strongest enthusiast organization, the club represents a style of passion and performance as powerful as the cars driven by our members.

Join the Ultimate Driving Club today!

Club membership
“We enhance the BMW experience of our members by providing support, information and activities that promote friendship, responsibility and conscientious traffic behavior”


BMW Motivation – Fireworks of nostalgia

BMW Klub Srbija

“ The BMW Club expresses its special gratitude for hosting this event to Delta Motors and BMW 6+ Service ”

We are pleased that they have recognized our willingness and ability to take a serious commitment to promoting the BMW brand and believe that the mutual cooperation between the club and these companies will show that the BMW community in Serbia is one of the largest in the automotive world.